How to Choose the Right Foundation for Every Skin Type?

Ask any beautician, and you will surely get the answer that the first step to flawless makeup is finding the right shade of foundation for your skin. The flaws of a bare face that you can see, others might not notice, and they vary in the different areas of the face. So how do you smooth out the different skin tones of your face?

Foundation for Every Skin

The answer is by picking out the right foundation. Myriads of foundation shades in the market can overwhelm you to find the ideal shade for your skin tone. So read on below to find tips on choosing the best shade for your skin that creates the perfect base for your makeup.

Understand your skin tone

You first need to assess the intensity of your skin tone: porcelain, light, medium, tan or deep. There are many platforms where you can learn about your skin tone before buying a foundation depending on the above categories. Additionally, the skin's undertone also matters when choosing the foundation base.

Know your undertone

Undertones are the color that comes through the skin from the surface. It can be of three types such as warm/gold/yellow, it could be cool/pink or neutral (a mix of both warm and cool. There are some simple tests you can do to identify your undertone. You can do the wrist test or the sun test. Under the sun test, if you turn red easily, you have a cool undertone, but if the redness turns to brown tan, you have a neutral undertone. When you easily get tanned, you would know you have warm undertone.  In the wrist test, examine your veins' color. You have a cool undertone if they are blue or purple in the shade, and the undertone is warm if the veins are green or olive. However, you are neutral if you cannot identify the dominating color.

Learn about the Skin Type

It is a bad idea to try to create a fairer or darker  skin tone as you might end up with a color line around your jawline.  The ideal use of foundation is to perfect the existing skin tone. So when you go for a shade lighter or a shade darker, it would make your skin unnatural. Once you have found the right shade, use the right foundation formula for your skin type. If you have a dull and dry complexion, go for a hydrating and moisturizing foundation. But the trick is finding a matte and shine-free foundation for oily skin and it's best to go for an oil-absorbing foundation. Normal skin types can choose any formula according to their preferences or based on seasonality. 

Foundation comes in different types of coverage i.e sheer,. light, medium, buildable and full. If you want a more breathable and most skin-identical option, go for sheer, light to medium coverage. Full coverage can give your skin a completely even-toned look but usually sacrifices the more natural aspect and integrity of the skin.. 

Foundations have different formulations that range in textures. It can be mousse, powder, liquid, or cream. No need to worry about wearing foundation just because you don't know the right formula for your skin type. Follow the above suggestion to choose the right product, and you will never go wrong with your makeup beauty.

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