How to Achieve a Beautiful Sunset Makeup Look with These Expert Tips

A sunset-inspired makeup look is a popular trend in the beauty world. To achieve this look, you'll need to use warm, vibrant colors that resemble the hues of a sunset. In this blog, we'll explore essential steps to help you create a stunning sunset-inspired makeup look that's both bold and beautiful.

Prep Your Skin

The key to achieving a flawless and long-lasting makeup look is to prep your skin correctly. Cleansing and moisturizing the skin provides a smooth and hydrated base for your makeup. This ensures that your makeup adheres correctly, and it lasts longer throughout the day. Moreover, well-prepped skin is better hydrated, preventing the makeup from caking up and helping it blend seamlessly into your skin.

Sunset Makeup Look

To prep your skin for a sunset makeup look, start by using a gentle cleanser to remove impurities and excess oil. Next, apply a moisturizer and a serum while your skin is still moist for maximized results. Wait for each layer to set before applying the next. Finish with a Sunset Light Primer from Veil Cosmetics to help create a smooth canvas and take away any sticky sensation left behind by your SPF lotion.

Base Makeup

For a sunset makeup look, use a light coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer to create a natural and dewy finish. This allows the warm and vibrant colors of the sunset-inspired makeup to pop without overpowering the look. Also, use a concealer that matches your skin color to cover blemishes or dark circles. Apply the highlighter in specific areas to brighten your face, such as under the eyes, the bridge of the nose, and the forehead.

Use AutoMatte mattifying balm under your makeup as skin smoother, prevent excess shine build-up, and achieve a more skin-like finish. Touch up with AutoMatte to absorb excess shine while keeping a fresher skin-like finish.

Bold Eye Makeup

To create depth and dimension for your eyes, use warm and vibrant eyeshadow shades that mimic the colors of a sunset, such as orange, pink, red, and gold. For a glowing effect, use a combination of shimmer and matte eyeshadows. Contour and define the crease using matte eyeshadows, while shimmer eyeshadows can be applied to the lid and inner corner of the eye. Define the eyes with waterproof eyeliner and curl your lashes before applying mascara.

Subtle Lip and Cheek Makeup

When creating a bold and dramatic sunset-inspired eye makeup look, keep the lips and cheeks subtle to maintain balance and harmony. Apply a color balm-like cheek color, such as those from the Velvet lip and cheek palette, to enhance a glowy complexion. Use nude or peachy lipstick or lip gloss to complement the warm and vibrant eyeshadow shades without detracting from the eyes.

Finishing Touches

When applying makeup, it's essential to blend everything together to achieve a seamless and cohesive look. Ensure all blend well together, and use AutoMatte to absorb excess shine and create a fresh skin-like finish. Take a look at your overall makeup in different lighting to ensure that each feature softly blends and plays up each other. Use a buffing brush like the one in the Pro-On-The-Go palette to blend, remove, and buff away any makeup.

In conclusion, achieving a beautiful sunset makeup look requires attention to detail, patience, and essential makeup techniques. Have fun experimenting with this look and try out some of the products mentioned above by visiting to learn more. With these expert tips, you'll be able to create a stunning sunset-inspired makeup look that's sure to turn heads.

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