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A Step by step no-makeup makeup using the right makeup and skin care

Contrary to what most people believe, no-makeup makeup does not mean no makeup. It is all about using the right makeup that effortlessly veils some complexion flaws like blemishes, a bit of redness, broken capillaries, and even some discoloration. On a color level, the aim is to use color, tools, and technique to trick the eye of the onlooker to not notice at first glance the enhancement and little fixes done to groom and tint (i.e., eyebrows, lips, lashes or even cheek color). 

The no-makeup makeup begins with prepping the skin by making sure that a smooth surface exists by gently exfoliating and targeting any dry patches of skin while using the right amount of hydration. Always begin with light fluid/liquid formulas like an essence.  We swear by this when it comes to helping skin best respond to hydration from additional layers like gels, lotions, creams, or balms. Think of your essence as the warming up of your toast prior to applying cold butter on it. A cold toast makes it almost impossible for the butter to properly spread onto it but once warm and toasty the butter simply melts effortlessly and permeates the bread. An essence is usually composed of water, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin to help retain and capture additional hydration. Perfectly hydrated and smooth skin including lips simply helps your makeup to glide and become one with the surface it gets applied to. Concealer may enhance fine lines and wrinkles if applied to dry under eyes, foundation may appear cakey and patchy, lip color no longer blends with lips and forget about the addition of any face powder. For an utmost natural finish use Veil Complexion Fix Concealer and Veil Sunset Skin Foundation as they are skin care infused and their weightless makeup/texture always guarantee a natural looking complexion.

As for the actual amount of Complexion Fix concealer or Sunset Skin foundation used, always make sure to slowly build and target your coverage to a small area at a time as opposed to applying lots of makeup and blending it endlessly. First, deposit the pigment, dab into place with fingers, a brush or a beauty sponge and repeat as necessary. We recommend using a brush with a small fluffy rounded tip to blend away any excess concealer around the eyes and using a buffer brush to smooth out excess foundation or skin care. 

For any remaining excess shine or to touch up and absorb excess oil production, use a powder substitute like Automatte Mattifying Balm. It is the best powder alternative as it goes on completely clear, it is traceless, weightless, and completely imperceptible. Automatte Mattifying Balm does not disturb your makeup and does not cause any separation either. The bonus outcome? The blurring of fine lines, pores or skin texture providing your skin with a youthful glow.

The same holds true when it comes to color application and using powder formulas. They tend to make your eyebrows looking filled in, your cheek color looking like makeup etc. Try using gel, cream, or balm-like textures just like our Velvet Lip And Cheek Palette, which is made easy while diffusing the pigment with your finger or our dual ended lip and cheek brush. You will find that combined with a perfectly hydrated complexion, the formula melts with skin and creates a soft satin finish that’s velvety smooth. You can even use it on your eye lids to create natural depth and spark to your gaze. Contouring is a big no-makeup no-no, and the same goes for heavy black thickening mascara. Opting for soft defining clear gels in your lashes and brows or even simply curling your eye lashes will surprisingly and naturally open your eyes.

Lastly, take a step back and see if anything catches your attention and blend, buff, or dab some more. It is amazing the boost in confidence and the extra pep in your step a no-makeup makeup can do for you. It does not erase or eradicate what makes you, YOU and creates a clearer picture as to how special and unique you really are. It always looks appropriate, sophisticated, and is a great way to do your makeup if you want a more editorial approach and wanting to play up a graphic eye liner, a very bold lip or even glue on gems to your face.

Now, have a look at the three videos featured here as inspiration for what this skin care and makeup approach can do and find your own path to creating a simple, yet effective way to add oomph without fuss. The team at Veil Cosmetics is always there to help you with any makeup questions you may have regarding application, color selection or customized product suggestions.

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